Customised training

For more advanced users, or if you are interested in learning only about parts of the SQL server product at your own pace, Synergy Solutions also offers customized training sessions where you decide on the agenda for the training. In collaboration with our training staff, we will provide advice on what topics to cover to get a complete and coherent training sessions for you and/or your IT staff.

Furthermore, our practical knowledge on advanced topics that are not covered by the prepackaged Microsoft Official SQL curriculum, can be the subject for custom trainings as well. We frequently provide information & sessions on the following topics:

  • SQL server architecture
  • SQL server administration & infrastructure
  • General troubleshooting & performance tuning (performance analysis & optimization)
  • Training on SQL server internals and performance: datastructures, locking, logging, partitioning, indexing and index maintenance, indexes & statistics, query optimization, ...

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on your customized training.


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