Performance tuning

The most frequently occurring complaint from end-users in client-server applications are high response times. This can often be traced back to a back-end infrastructure bottleneck, often at the database level. Such performance issues lead to frustration with your end-users, a loss of productivity and a loss of business. Synergy Solutions provides performance troubleshooting in order to eliminate such issues at the database level by investigating:

  • Infrastructure hardware & configuration, and whether an hardware upgrade is necessary;
  • Performing SQL query analysis to find slowly executing queries and propose remediation through indexing, query optimization, providing feedback to your internal developers on how to optimize the query, …
  • Optimizing SQL server statistics for better query queuing and execution.
  • Investigate possible locking issues

The end-result of this investigation is an overview of the optimizations that are possible and that can be implemented in the performance tuning assignment.

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