Infrastructure optimisation

The common need in the application landscape for back-end databases often leads to an abundance of SQL servers in a corporate environment. It is not exceptional to see databases being installed on new servers without an assessment, just to be sure that there is no performance impact on the application using the database, or other applications using the same server.

The necessity to use a dedicated server certainly exists for specific workloads. However, once databases have gone into production use, the actual resource requirements and projected requirements can be assessed and the possible infrastructure optimizations can be identified:

  • Consolidation of SQL Server instances / SQL servers
  • Virtualization of a SQL server (or not)
  • Minimizing management by bringing versions of SQL server in-line & performing upgrades
  • Identifying business and technical advantages of the introduction of new features/functionality from new versions of SQL server.

The engineers at Synergy Solutions also have experience in SQL server infrastructure and database optimization of specific applications, such as SharePoint, BizTalk, Dynamics.

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