Comprehensive health check

The health of a SQL server not only depends on the configuration of SQL itself, but also on all the hardware and software components that are required to deliver the SQL database functionality to the applications of your end-users. In the comprehensive health check, the full SQL server infrastructure is evaluated and compared against industry standards and best practices, to ensure that your infrastructure can continue to deliver a redundant, reliable service to support your mission critical applications.

The comprehensive health check includes an investigation of:

  • SQL server supporting infrastructure:  hardware, firmware revisions, OS configuration, drivers, patch levels, Active Directory replication site topology, protocol & networking configuration, …
  • SQL configuration: installation & configuration parameters, location of the data & logfiles, examination of the LUN hosting database & log files, …
  • Clustering configuration: OS clustering requirements & configuration check, SQL clustering examination
  • Virtualization configuration (when applicable): hypervisor and guest configuration, performance analysis at the hypervisor level
  • Performance evaluation for both the SQL server and the underpinning operating systems
  • Event log analysis for both the SQL server logs and the underpinning operating system logs
  • SQL architecture evaluation: database design, server properties, indexing configuration, …
  • Security evaluation: accounts, roles, policies, security updates, SQL configuration, …

The end-result of the health check is a detailed report of the deviations from the best practices for every component in your SQL server infrastructure and recommendations on how to remediate (when applicable). For an investigation which focuses exclusively on the SQL server configuration for less complex installations, we recommend a basic health check.

This is a pre-packaged service from Synergy Solutions which typically takes 5 days to complete. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a customized proposal.


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