Basic health check

A health check is an ideal opportunity to evaluate whether your SQL server installation has initially been performed following the industry standards and best practices. However, even an installation that has been running fine for several months or a few years can benefit from a health check, to verify if the evolution of the installation introduced anomalies or whether upgrades of the OS or SQL Server or any other component has left you in an unsupported scenario.

The basic health check focuses on the health of SQL server and investigates:

  • The configuration of SQL server: installation & configuration parameters, location of the data & logfiles, investigation of the LUN configuration that hosts the database and logs, …
  • Examination of the wait stats to detect resource congestion
  • Investigation of error logs to detect recurring issues

The end-result of the health check is a detailed report of the deviations from the best practices specifically for SQL server and recommendations on how to remediate (when applicable). For a complete end-to-end investigation of the SQL server infrastructure or for evaluation of cluster configurations, we recommend a comprehensive health check.

This is a pre-packaged service from Synergy Solutions which typically takes 2 days to complete for one instance. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a customized proposal.


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