In the past years, SQL Server has evolved from a database server to a data delivery platform, now at the core of many business critical applications and processes. This has rapidly increased the complexity and experience required to install, configure and operate a SQL environment. The engineers at Synergy Solutions have multiple years of experience in architecting, designing and operating enterprise-scale deployments of SQL Server, and carry the necessary certifications to ensure that your SQL environment is delivered in a highly available, consistent and performant manner.

Providing consultancy services is at the heart of the business of Synergy Solutions, and therefore we gladly assist you in the implementation projects and operational care of your mission critical SQL Server deployments. We offer contractual and per-project availability of our staff for:

  • Architecture of SQL Server infrastructure and databases
  • Design and installation of SQL Server infrastructure
  • Upgrade projects for mission critical systems
  • Database and server consolidation projects
  • Disaster recovery interventions
  • Virtualization of high-performance database servers
  • Implementing SQL Azure as a cloud computing database solution

Our offering of standard services such as performance tuning and health checks can of course also be applied in a project or long-term collaboration.


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